How outdoor yoga can boost mind, body and spirit connections

How outdoor yoga can boost mind, body and spirit connections

If you've heard motivational stories about how yoga workouts can benefit your health, you might be considering practicing this form of exercise. Not only can yoga improve your overall wellness, but it can unify your mind, body and spirit. Here are three advantages of practicing yoga outdoors.

Fewer distractions
Heading to a neighborhood park or your backyard garden to practice yoga can be a great way to get away from the distractions that can slow down progress at home. You're bound to prefer a cool breeze and the rustle of leaves to noisy kids and a blaring TV set at home.

Lots of fresh air
Staying inside to practice yoga can be hindered by dry, dusty and still air. As the temperatures warm up outside, practicing yoga in a local park, the beach or your own backyard can be a nice change of pace and allow your lungs to enjoy breaths of cool, fresh air.

A soothing environment
A successful yoga workout depends on you being able to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Mother Nature is the perfect element to help you unwind as your practice deep breathing exercises, yoga stretches and meditation.

Practicing yoga and meditation are great New Year’s resolutions

If you've been looking to make a change in your life in the coming year, you might want to consider signing up for a yoga class. Not only can this activity improve your mental health, but stretching and meditation are great for your spirit and mind as well. Here are three reasons to make practicing yoga your New Year's resolution.

Meditation helps with stress
The great thing about meditation techniques is that they do more than help you relax. In fact, deep breathing and repeating a personal mantra can reduce stress levels and aid in finding inner peace. You'll also have an improved ability to focus by pushing distracting thoughts out of your mind.

Yoga helps you lose weight
Between all the holiday festivities you probably attended this season, there's a good chance you packed on a few pounds by New Year's Eve. Yoga is a great way to exercise and stretch your muscle, burning calories and increasing strength while you do.

Yoga gives you more energy
Yoga can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep throughout the night, which can boost your energy levels in the morning. Additionally, frequently working out can improve your stamina and overall energy.


Meditation can come in handy during the holiday season

Are you getting ready for upcoming Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Year's Eve celebrations in your home? Trying to figure out what presents to get for everyone on your list? The holiday season can be a time packed with stress, which is why yoga meditation can help you keep your cool under pressure. Here are some of the situations when your meditation techniques can come in handy.

Holiday travels
If you're planning on visiting friends or relatives who live in other parts of the country, there's likely a long flight or car ride in your future, which can be rough when you're traveling with a large family. Whether you're stuck in the passenger seat for 10 hours or rushing through airport security, try to keep yoga tips in mind to help you relax.

Last-minute shopping
Try as you might to get all the gifts on your list ahead of schedule, you'll undoubtedly find yourself strolling through a retail store or two at the last-minute this season. Trying to find the perfect present when the shelves have been picked clean can seem near impossible, so take a deep breath and focus on finding something from the heart.

Family feasts
Do you have a bunch of friends and family coming over for a holiday dinner? It can seem overwhelming to cook for such a large group in a short amount of time, but keeping your cool and taking each step as it comes will help you achieve a successful feast.

Peaceful places for you to meditate

If you've recently begun practicing yoga, you've likely discovered many of the personal health benefits of this ancient practice. In particular, meditation can be especially helpful for finding inner peace and dealing with feelings of stress and anxiety. Looking for some peaceful places to boost your meditation efforts? Give these relaxing locations a try!

Local mountain
One way to enjoy a day of hiking through the great outdoors is to plan a trip up a local mountain in your area. While you don't need to scale Mt. Everest, heading to the peak of a smaller mountain (or large hill) can provide scenic vistas and a beneficial workout. When you reach the top, you'll have the perfect place to meditate in peace.

Zen garden
Whether you have one in your own backyard or know of one in your area, heading to a zen garden can offer you another great place to meditate. The intricate patterns and designs of these gardens mixed with the abundance of plants and flowers will provide the ideal backdrop to your meditation and deep breathing exercises.

If you live in the Southwest, the sand and rocks of the desert could be a great place to meditate. Be careful to stay within a local park or protected area to avoid any serious danger that the desert landscape could throw your way. But there's nothing quite like enjoying the beauty of the desert from beneath a shady tree or overhanging rock face.

Inspirational stories for kids can build hope


Parents and teachers are always looking for new ways in which they can instill in their kids or students a desire to set and achieve goals. After all, life is all about growth and accomplishment.

Role models may want to consider inspirational stories for kids to get youngsters excited about the possibilities in life, as well as spark a desire to push the boundaries and achieve above and beyond what their parents and grandparents did.

Moreover, such motivational stories for teachers can be found just about anywhere: Libraries, book stores and museums are loaded with tales that will motivate kids to do their best in school so they can go on to accomplish great things.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has written many books on the subject of inspiring others. Additionally, his brain education techniques have been shown to help many people reach enlightenment and fulfillment, and Lee even offers a technique specialized for children.

Opening kids' eyes to the opportunities that are available to them may get them excited about school, which may help make them more well-rounded adults.

Inspirational stories that will motivate now come in app form


Inspiration can be hard to come by these days, as many people appear to be focused on themselves and their bank accounts rather than encouraging and loving their fellow man.

Now, people who seek inspirational stories that will motivate them throughout their day can turn to the Call of Sedona application for their iPhone or Android device, which is available on iTunes and the Android Marketplace for just $0.99.

The smartphone technology is based on Ilchi Lee's latest book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

The application includes a video tour of Sedona, a map to the region's majestic vortexes, inspirational stories of success from the book, 24 photos of the breathtaking desert and eight meditation guides accompanied by relaxing music.

Individuals who are embarking on a spiritual journey toward betterment and enlightenment may find it difficult to get through the day without falling off course at least once. However, having the Call of Sedona app on their smartphone may be a convenient guide as it offers inspiration at the user's fingertips.

Motivational stories about attitude may lead to world peace


Parents often say that their kids are in need of an "attitude adjustment" when they misbehave. While this phrase has become so ubiquitous that it's lost meaning to some extent, it actually may be quite relevant to people who are going through difficulties in life.

A change in perspective can go a long way toward coping with challenges or hardships, which is why motivational stories about attitude can be so powerful.

For example, imagine that you are having challenges finishing a project at work. Then, think about how your perspective might shift after hearing about how a coworker resolved a similar problem. It may not happen instantly, but it may plant the seed of inspiration that you need in order to solve your problems.

Inspirational stories about success can give individuals the spark of hope that they need in order to cope with the trials and tribulations of work, which are never-ending. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has penned a number of books on inspiration, motivation and achieving goals. These may be the inspirational stories you need to help get you over your latest hurdle.


Short motivational stories may boost workplace productivity


Employees and supervisors alike may be interested to know about the powers of motivational stories about success. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy career and eventually lose inspiration due to a disproportionate focus on negative aspects of a job, but just a quick boost can do wonders.

Workers should be encouraged to share their short motivational stories with other staff members. For instance, talking about how a person successfully dealt with a problem in a positive and constructive manner could help others do the same.

In addition, managers and CEOs may want to consider having brief weekly meetings to share with their employees a particularly inspiring story they've come across in the news or elsewhere.

Don't underestimate the power of anecdotes to give workplace productivity a major boost. These stories will demonstrate clearly to individuals how they should approach issues in order to achieve success. Not only will such stories lead to better efficiency in one's career, but the positive benefits have the potential to affect a individual's personal life as well.


Motivational stories for athletes may help get people active in cold weather

When the temperatures begin to drop and snow starts to form on streets and sidewalks, individuals have a tendency to stay inside. However, this often leads to winter weight gain, which many people never lose even when the ground thaws.

A little extra motivation may be all people need to get out and get moving. After all, the snow and ice provide extra opportunities for sporting events.

Snow on the ground – or powder, as the snowboarders call it – lets people get out and glide down mountains for good, clean family fun. This also provides a chance for individuals to break their skis out of the attic.

Ice skating is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, and also a great workout.

In order to get the family excited about winter activities, reserve a movie night for a film that tells motivational stories for athletes, such as The Mighty Ducks or The Cutting Edge. These inspirational stories that will motivate are sure to get everyone pumped to head outdoors despite the snow.


Inspirational stories of faith don’t need to be religious

When considering the number of different religions that are observed by people around the world, holiday celebrations should be inclusive of all mindsets in order to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

In the U.S., Christmas is largely thought of as a Christian holiday, though it is observed by people of many faiths. Inspirational stories of faith that are accepting of all beliefs can help strengthen the bonds between people of different cultures and nationalities.

You don't even need to remove Christian decorations or sayings from your home during celebrations, but rather include those of other religions as well. You can even consider having a discussion about the different traditions that are observed in these faiths, which can be entertaining as well as educational.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that short motivational stories can help people see their fellow humans as equals, rather than citizens of a rival nation or culture. When everyone attempts to view others from this point of view, they may gain a strong sense of connection to even the most unfamiliar strangers, a feeling that could ultimately result in world peace.