Highway to the enlightened zone

The 1986 movie Top Gun inspired more than the trend of aviator sunglasses and leather jackets. It also helped many individuals to reach their life dreams thanks to its theme song Highway to the Danger Zone.

The Kenny Loggins tune features lyrics that are meant to motivate individuals to push their personal limits in an effort to achieve success and fulfillment.

"You'll never say hello to you / Until you get it on the red line overload / You'll never know what you can do / Until you get it up as high as you can go," Loggins sang.

Many individuals do not pursue their life dreams because of what they perceive to be road blocks. However, many times, these obstacles are minor and can be overcome with a little bit of motivation and hard work.

Ilchi Lee believes that every individual has the brain potential to become great, and that all they need to do is push themselves to see how high they can go. Obstacles will always come and go, but potential is permanent and has no limits.  

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