Training can provide inspirational stories for kids with learning difficulties

Children who experience problems learning to read and write can face a number of difficulties, both socially and academically. As a result, motivational stories for teachers about effective learning programs are of the utmost importance.

Researchers at the University of Gothenberg in Sweden conducted a study which reveals that daily, face-to-face intensive training may help kids learn how to read and write more effectively than traditional teaching programs.

During a 12-week educational session, students were taught to link sounds with letters and to understand the foundation of phonetics. Additionally, the young volunteers participated in guided reading to improve fluency and speed. At the end of the trial period, the researchers observed that children in this program exhibited better reading comprehension, spelling ability and word decoding when compared to their peers who had traditional training.

“Reading and writing difficulties often lead to low self-esteem and poor self-confidence, which can make learning to read even more difficult for children. It’s important to take effective action as early as possible to break this vicious circle,” said lead researcher Ulrika Wolff.

The findings should serve as an inspirational story for kids who wish to improve their reading and writing skills.

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